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Paolo Pedercini for IGDA Italy

Video postcard made for IGDA’s Italian chapter and Global Game Jam 2011 by Paolo Pedercini (italian only, sorry).

Creating an empty git branch

Sometimes I need to create an empty branch that do not share an ancestor with one of the other branches.

This can be achieved with the following commands:

$ git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/branchname
$ rm .git/index
$ git clean -fd

Or alternatively:

$ git checkout --orphan branchname
$ git rm -rf .

That’s it. Now just do some some work and commit to the branch.

Deleting a tag from remote git repository

Just a quick note for myself:

$ git push :refs/tags/tag_to_delete

That’s all.

Arduino The Documentary

Arduino The Documentary is finally out.

Movie time!

I find it very annoying when, in the middle of a video playback I have to move the mouse to avoid the screensaver to start.

To solve this, I wrote a little utility to inhbit any screensaver by moving up and down the mouse pointer every 5 minutes or so automatically. It also hides the mouse cursor so that it doesn’t show up in the middle of the screen:

The code is also on GitHub.

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